Anthony	Rotoli

Anthony Rotoli

Director of Talent Acquisition at Karat

Anthony has a great passion for technology, and for helping others find their own passion. Anthony spent five years at Microsoft as a University Recruiter, helping find the best and brightest students from around the world, and matching them to the right roles. Anthony left Microsoft in late 2015 to join Karat where he’s helping develop a network of Expert Interviewers to make technical assessment more accurate, unbiased, and an all around better experience for everyone involved.

Karat Engineer Interview Workshop

The Lab

Acing Your Technical Interview Karat is a professional interviewing service that has conducted thousands of interviews for elite tech companies using a network of expert technical interviewers who have led interviewing programs at a number of top tech companies including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Amazon. Karat has learned a great deal about what companies […]


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