Dr. Jessica Kirkpatrick

Dr. Jessica Kirkpatrick

Lead Data Scientist at Hired

Jessica Kirkpatrick is a Data Scientist for the Hired. Jessica joined Hired after leading ed-tech start-up InstaEDU through a successful acquisition by Chegg as the Director of Data Science. She is also on the editorial board for Data4America. Before making her transition to the private sector in 2012, Jessica earned a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from UC Berkeley, where she studied some of the most distant and brightest known objects in the universe, quasars, and worked with large and complex data sets. Today, instead of spending her days finding patterns in the structure of the universe, she spends them finding patterns in the behaviors of people in order to make technology work better for us all. In addition to her work in private industry, Jessica maintains an active role in giving back to the astrophysics community. She is the blogger-in-chief for Women-in-Astronomy. She is also on the council for the American Astronomical Society and served on their Committee for the Status of Women in Astronomy for 4 years. Dr. Kirkpatrick will be speaking about her research on the wage gap using data from the Hired platform.

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