Gené Teare

Gené Teare

Director of Content at CrunchBase

Gené Teare is the Director of Content at CrunchBase, where she also heads up the Venture Program.

Most recently she has been focusing on a comprehensive study of women startup founders by expanding the CrunchBase dataset to include gender for the periods of 2009-2014.

As an early team member at TechCrunch, she joined in 2008 to run CrunchBase. Gené was also involved in setting up both the TechCrunch50 and TechCrunch Disrupt events from 2008 thru 2012.

Prior to joining TechCrunch, she was Director of Marketing and Key Partnerships at RealNames, which provided natural language navigation in the browser bar.

She began her Internet career in the 90s as co-founder of Cybercafe Ltd, the owner of Cyberia, the worlds first internet cafe in London.

Solo Talk – Gene Teare – Women in Venture Capital

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