Kamilah Taylor

Kamilah Taylor

Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Kamilah is currently a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn. She’s worked on multiple projects, most recently the new LinkedIn Learning app, an online learning platform. Other projects include the complete rewrite and redesign of LinkedIn’s flagship app, the new messaging experience, accessibility of the flagship app, and winning hackday projects that have become features, such as member to member blocking and Coursera – LinkedIn integration. Previously she did robotics at Wolfram Research and in graduate school at UIUC. Kamilah is a co-author of the recently released “Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories”, and is helping to organize the inaugural Tech Beach Retreat in Jamaica. She’s spoken at meetups and conferences, including IEEE’s International Conference for Robotics and Automation, the Grace Hopper Conference, and the Swift Language User Group meetup. She volunteers for many organizations aimed at encouraging more women and people of color to choose STEM as a career field, including BlackGirlsCode, Technovation, MEDA, and the Palisadoes Foundation. In her spare time she tries to eat at all the restaurants in SF.

The Value of Inclusive Engineering Teams

Breakout Stage

The Value of Inclusive Engineering Teams panel focuses on the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive team of engineers solving problems together. It will also address methods for developing teams that value diverse perspectives — and where all members feel like they belong and are able to thrive.


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