Phil Dillard

Phil Dillard

CEO at Black Ant Enterprises

Mission – build world-changing companies

Vision – To be a recognized leader in developing and applying of transformational, modern management practices in growth companies around the world and drive the emergence of a global, diverse, inclusive and efficient economy driven by free markets, sustainable practices and transformational technologies.

I am a trainer, coach, consultant focusing on organizational development activities that deliver broad systematic impact on an industry or sector. I utulize the best practices in listening, problem solving and strategic planning to I provide clients a balanced approach for addressing the quantitative and qualitative aspects of businesses. I employ an iterative approach to help people synthesize and cross-pollenate best practices from companies of different sizes and industries. My clients are small to mid-sized companies that seek transformational change by leveraging advanced technology or processes to solve a big problem with significant financial, environmental or social impact. For a growth company, I have experience at a startup, midsize and large corporates that can help them to navigate the challenges at each stage. Having experiences across a number of industries, I’m able to leverage effective, but not readily apparent solutions from one industry to another.

Solo Talk – Phil Dillard

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