Roburta Burroughs

Roburta Burroughs

YEx Advisor at NASDAQ Entreprenurial Center / NASDAQ

“Senior business and relationship management professional Roburta Burroughs serves and connects people in the capital markets and investor relations. With much of her career spent steering collaborations with some of the world’s most recognizable companies. Her leadership at Nasdaq and Thomson Reuters spans products, relationship management, sales, growth, and awareness; training, and communications; and team and project facilitation and planning.

She is member of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center’s Nasdaq Young Ex(executive) Advisory Board. Roburta’s extra-professional roles include past, moderator for San Francisco’s Tech Inclusion Conference 2015 and Oracle’s Tech Diversity Meeting. She is passionate about community-based initiatives, including San Francisco’s UPWARD and corporate community champion for JUMA Ventures .

Educated in business and political science from NYU and UCLA, Roburta holds certificates in investor relations from NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute) and Nasdaq, respectively.”

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