Deldelp Medina

Deldelp Medina

Director, Residency Program at Code2040

Deldelp Medina is a Latina technologist who has worked in the Bay Area as a DBA, Project Manager and Program Manager.
She is a leader in the movement to diversify technology founders and workers to represent the U.S changing demographics.
In 2011, Medina co-founded Avion Ventures, the only Latina-focused accelerator for mobile platforms in the U.S.

Former President and currently on the board of Latino Startup Alliance. As President she was the administrator for Soy Empresaria a collaboration of Square, Xoom and Latino Startup Alliance. She currently consults with Rainbow Push, and other well-known organizations in intersection of tech and diversity.

She currently trains and advises diverse founded start-ups. Asking big questions is her passion, and she is committed to bringing that passion to large audiences.

Her work and expertise has been recognized by TechCrunch, NPR, International Business Times, USA Today, Al Jazeera America, Latino Post and Forbes Online.

Yes, Deldelp is an unique name. She is the daughter of painter Delfina Bernal and writer/historian Alvaro Medina. Her name is in tribute to her mother. It is pronounced Deldel. Yes, the “p” is silent.

Her family is originally from Barranquilla, Colombia. She has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since the age of eight. She is fluent in Spanish and French as well as English.

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