Dominique DeGuzman

Dominique DeGuzman

Cloud Infrastructure and Security Engineer at Twilio

Dominique (Dom) DeGuzman is a community&self-taught software engineer with a background in desktop hardware and public speaking. Dom jumped into software and tools development after years of provisioning linux. Now focusing on Infrastructure Engineering at Twilio, she focuses on development pipeline, infrastructure security, and developer productivity tools.

Alongside development, Dom is one of the founding members of Twilio’s diversity and inclusion initiative, runs a group called “Diversity Advocates”, and is the SF City Director for Lesbians Who Tech. She spends her non-engineering time traveling speaking about diversity and inclusion, battling brogrammer culture, impostor syndrome, and encouraging more underrepresented minorities in the field to pursue a future in STEM.

Closing Keynote Panel: Diversity & Inclustion Trends

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