Jim Deters

Jim Deters

CEO at Galvanize

“Jim believes there is a simple equation for success in the 21st Century: “Anyone with ambition and aptitude can succeed if they are provided with the skills industry needs most, and are then connected to the industry.” That philosophy is at the core of Galvanize, the education company he co-founded in 2012. Jim’s commitment to be a multiplier for entrepreneurs and engineers comes to life on Galvanize’s 9 campuses including Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, SF, Austin, Seattle, Phoenix and NYC. Each Galvanize campus is a unique and inspiring learning environment. Because Jim believes that working and learning should be synonymous, and rooted in entrepreneurship, on every Galvanize campus there are hundreds of students learning industry-leading skills in software development and data science, alongside representatives from the area’s top startups and some of the world’s most prestigious tech companies.

At a young age, Jim learned he was “unemployable” and pursued his passion for building tech companies. Upon exiting his last firm, Ascendant Technology, he witnessed an “entrepreneurial renaissance” — the rise of a generation of people like himself, technologically savvy aspiring founders — and he set about galvanizing and supporting these “students” on campuses in communities around the country.”

Solo Talk – Jim Deters, Galvanize

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