Julie Trell

Julie Trell

Radical Generosity Bay Area City Lead at SheEO

Julie is the city lead for SheEO Radical Generosity in the Bay Area. SheEO Radical Generosity is funded by radically generous women. Instead of a handful of partners making large singular investments ($100,000+), thousands of women commit to a $1100 contribution, 90% of which will be loaned out to women-led ventures, paid back over five years, and reinvested perpetually.

Formerly a classroom teacher and technology specialist in a middle school in Atlanta, Julie found her way out to San Francisco 16 years ago after a serendipitous conversation with Marc Benioff which led to her being hired as one of the founding leaders at the Salesforce.com Foundation. Her title was VP of All Things Fun, Meaningful & Rewarding. After more than a decade and a half working in corporate philanthropy designing and leading social impact initiatives, she currently is the founder of Playful Purpose where she collaborates with companies, organizations, and individuals to do meaningful work while keeping it fun and playful.

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