Kelli	Thomas-Drake

Kelli Thomas-Drake

President | Founder at MyPurpleFolder-"The PatientCare 'easy' Button"

“Kelli Thomas-Drake ( ), President & Founder of MyPurpleFolder-“”The PatientCare ‘easy’ Button”” (MPF). She was selected to attend The Inaugural South by South Lawn (SXSL) at The White House in October 2016, was speaker at 2016 Y Combinator Startup School, is on the list of the top 20 #WomenInTech to follow, and is a featured #FemaleFounder in the #FacesofFounders movement by the Case Foundation.

MyPurpleFolder -at the tap of an app- is like “”Dropbox & Uber had a baby”” for all of your medical records & so much more, though it is not itself a repository. With MyPurpleFolder, simply tap the MPF app, get your healthcare data streamlined directly to your smartphone/connected device, and access it anytime/anywhere. The MPF app is the master key to your patient information, unlocking all of the disconnected portals for centralized coordinated view into a seamless healthcare experience. MyPurpleFolder is a HIPAA-Compliant and globally accessible. This “PatientCare ‘easy’ Button”” leverages & connects existing patient data, and helps hospital/physician networks to provide improved patient experiences while decreasing administrative costs associated with care.

Kelli is a rare native born & raised San Franciscan -had a San Francisco Chronicle Paper-Route for 8 years in the Miraloma Park Area- and graduated Lowell High School Class of 1997. Kelli is an honor graduate of the University of California at Berkeley – GO BEARS!- attended the University of Kent at Canterbury England as a U.C. Education Abroad Scholar, completed the SMU Cox School of Business SAB Program, Leadership Dallas Class 2012, Landmark Commissioner for the City of Dallas, and former Congressional/ Legislative Aide to a US Congresswoman both in her Capitol Hill and Dallas Offices.

Kelli was awarded the Arts Bridge Scholar Fellowship, National Dean’s List for College Students, as well as a having some of her works published in the Poetry for the People Anthology (which included among it contributors the critically acclaimed poet June Jordan).”

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