Kym Cadle

Kym Cadle

Founder, Lead Consultant & Coach

Kym is the founder of Pure Ambition, a coaching and consulting firm focused on enabling individuals and businesses to do more mindful work, starting with purpose and values based action. The company was founded following more than 2 decades leading teams to high performance in corporate operations, which included her team’s consistent improvement of customer experience scores during a decade of rapid growth: from $180M – $2B in revenues. Kym’s passion is working with current and future leaders to raise their consciousness and unlock their full potential in service of creating the outcomes our current environment demands. Whether it’s finding the career of their dreams, rediscovering passion in their current role or setting sights on the next level, Kym co-creates a process with her clients that results in success on their terms. Regardless of the context, creating a brighter future by bringing heart. purpose and connection forward is her ultimate goal.

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