Martina Abrahams

Martina Abrahams

Founder at You Had Me at Black Podcast

The misrepresentation of Black men and women in mainstream media affects our lives down to the most minute interactions. We created You Had Me at Black to challenge the narrative and present multi-faceted anecdotes of the Black experience.

Stories educate, uplift, encourage, humor, frighten, humble, and connect us. By revealing shared experiences and celebrating differences, You Had Me at Black uses storytelling to build community and encourage listeners to walk boldly in their own.

Martina’s an East Coast transplant living in Oakland, CA. She picked up an affinity for avocados and hiking, but regularly dreams of bagels, beef patties and Soca fetes. When not stalking people to share stories on You Had Me at Black, she spends her days integrating the Tech industry as a product and growth marketer. Hit her up on Twitter as @MARTINAdotA and IG as @m__tina.

10/26 – 11:30am – You Had Me at Black Podcast Live Podcast Recording

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