Rajkumari Neogy

Rajkumari Neogy

Founder at iRestart

Rajkumari Neogy, MA works with individuals and organizations to make transformative and sustainable shifts. She is fascinated by workplace culture, especially in the tech arena. Over the last 20 years, she has worked with organizations worldwide such as Disney Animation Studios, Genentech, HopSkipDrive, Shuddle, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Sony, Adobe, JVC and Amazon. In 2013 she founded iRestart, providing expertise in leadership development, diversity & inclusion and mentorship.

She is the creator of the Disruptive Diversity Framework and author of The WIT Factor: Shifting the Workplace Paradigm by Becoming Your Optimal Self. As a Certified Master Trainer and

Neuro-Linguistic Programmer holding a Master’s Degree in Transformative Leadership Development from the California Institute of Integral Studies, Rajkumari sits quite comfortably at the intersection of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), technology and culture and empathic language for business.

Possessing a rare blend of techno-babble and touchy-feely, she brings her keen insight and systems-thinking perspective to provide holistic and integrative solutions when addressing complex problems. She believes that the qualities of passionate self-reflection and dedicated curiosity (two sides of the same coin) define true leadership

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