Roberta Guise

Roberta Guise

President at FemResources

Roberta Guise is the founder of FemResources, a start-up nonprofit whose mission is gender equality in the tech workforce and advancing women’s careers in technology and engineering. She’s well-known in the San Francisco women’s policy community as a fierce advocate for women, families and children. She an accredited delegate and speaker who represents San Francisco at the UN Commission on the Status of Women annual meeting at the UN. This past March, she presented a panel of technologists and refugee experts discussing how to use technology to help Syrian refugee girls.

Roberta Guise is also a trusted marketing and PR advisor to experts, small business owners, authors and leaders of nonprofits. Through her consulting practice, Guise Marketing + PR, she helps business leaders focus on what will make their business grow, be visible where it matters, and make the world a better place.

She’s an award-winning marketer and videographer who specializes in guiding women on how to break the rules and be known as acknowledged authorities and thought leaders in their fields of expertise.

Roberta’s opinions have been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, BusinessWeek, Fortune magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

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