Yuka Nagashima

Yuka Nagashima

Entrepreneur in Residence at Astia

Originally from Japan, Yuka co-founded 2 tech start-ups in Hawaii. She then directed the State of Hawaii government’s innovation policies as the executive director & CEO of the High Technology Development Corporation, where she implemented innovation initiatives, drafted legislation to enrich Hawaii’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, led their incubation centers and programs, and advised executive teams of both startups and established companies. Yuka has represented the tech and entrepreneurial communities and interests at State Science and Technology Institute Conferences, National Academy of Sciences, Nanotechnology Regional Leadership Summit at the White House, the National Governor’s Association, and more. Now residing in Silicon Valley, she fills in as interim CEO or COO for startups and advises companies trying to establish their business in the US through her consulting firm, Paideia Enterprises. She distilled her organizational leadership experience in developing a coaching curriculum for individuals. A long time Astia supporter, Yuka serves as an Astia C-Suite advisor, in addition to being Astia’s Entrepreneur in Residence. She holds a BA in Physics from Reed College.

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